Rules for Posting on this Forum

We want you to have a good time, so there are a couple things we'd like you to follow.
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Rules for Posting on this Forum

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Hello, hej, guten tag, hola and... hello again!

SO, we have some rules that we would like you to follow when posting on our forum. Most of them are common sense, but let's be clear about stuff so that we all have a fun time around here :)

1. Pretend that, when you're writing a post, that you're writing to actual real-life people. Because you ARE!
2. This is a forum that will only be frequented by adults, so your language is relaxed and you can be a bit sweary if you want to be. Don't overdo it for no reason though.
3. Attacking other users is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN. Even if you feel slighted by something they said, be constructive in your response. Insulting them will get you BANNED.
4. Posting something with an attachment that shows illegal imagery will get you BANNED.
5. We gladly welcome anyone regardless of race, sexual orientation / fluidity, political leanings or religion. If you post on this forum, SO SHALL YOU.
6. This forum is maintained by the BozRadio Staff. They are human. They have the absolute last decision on everything. If you think you have been misrepresented in any situation, you have the right to contact the Staff and claim your case. The Staff shall take your case seriously and act upon it in a reasonable manner.

Having said that, just use your better judgment and ENJOY YOURSELF!
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